Behind the Scenes: A Tour of Our New Jewelry Studio!

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Behind the Scenes: A Tour of Our New Jewelry Studio!-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill
We’ve been in our new studio for a little over seven months and I realized that I haven’t given you a proper studio tour! Here’s a few snap-shots of the day-to-day work that goes into making your handmade jewelry and a bit of the backstory of how I've adjusted to running a small business in 2020.
Shortly after we moved into our new jewelry studio in Seattle, the covid stay-at-home orders in Washington were set in place, which meant A.) we had to figure out how to work from home and B.) we’d have to close the booth at Pike Place Market. Like so many other businesses we were presented with challenges that we hadn’t seen before or really thought would ever happen. So we did exactly what we always do when faced with obstacles, we got to work!

Because we weren’t able to sell jewelry at Pike Place Market, we had to think of ways to connect with you online. One of my favorite things that’s come out of this online-focus has been the Live Sales! I had my first One-of-a-Kind Live Sale in May and it was absolutely fabulous! Now, I have One-of-a-Kind Live Sale Releases once a month and just started working with other artists to host a Virtual Happy Hour Market each month as well. It’s been so much fun designing and creating new pieces every month and getting to share them with you! Click here to stay in the loop with upcoming Live Sales and Virtual Happy Hour Markets.

The main difference between the old studio and our new one, is the space!! There’s SO much more space, and boy does it make a huuuuge difference. Working at the studio looks a little different now, we all wear facemasks and try to work in shifts where there’s only one or two of us at a time...this is primarily to stay healthy and safe but also because it gets way too hot under our facemasks when there’s more than one of us working. You definitely work up a sweat with jewelry making!

It’s been wonderful getting to move out of my basement home office and back into the jewelry studio. I’m so grateful to have your support through these unexpected changes and I’m happy that throughout this challenging year my handmade jewelry is still adding just a little more beauty to your world ❤️

You can click here to see the One-of-a-Kind pieces I’ve created during the last few months!

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