Here at Twyla Dill, we are committed to being as sustainable as possible. We are always learning and growing, so we continue to improve our approach as we go. 

  • Our shipping boxes are recyclable, and so are our jewelry boxes and shipping labels. Our in-person orders at Pike Place Market do not include paper receipts.
  • We do not use any animal products in our pieces, and everything we make is cruelty free. 
  • All of our pieces are made by hand using recycled metal whenever possible. About 80% of our metals are currently recycled. We are always looking for ways to make this number higher. 
  • Our production and manufacturing is done in-house or with other small business partners, which ensures fair working conditions. 
  • We use washable rags for all things production and hand washing instead of throw-away paper products. 

Shopping from small businesses is always the best way to care for the environment because we have a smaller impact than large corporations and we can make changes much faster and easier. Plus it’s way more fun! 

The Twyla Dill team is always looking to improve, so we are open to suggestions for any part of our process! Contact us at our contact form or DM Twyla on Instagram if you have ideas.