Fall 2020 Color Trends: How To Make the Most Out of Your Autumn Wardrobe

Summer is beginning to come to an end here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s sad to see the sunshine and beautiful blue skies go away as we get ready for another rainy, cold, and dark winter...but if you’re like me the coming days don’t seem so gloomy when you think about getting your fall and winter wardrobe out! Big cozy sweaters, comfy knitted scarves, and cute boots are just a few of the autumn staples I have in my closet waiting to come out of hibernation. One of the best ways to add a little more sunshine (figuratively) during the fall is by coordinating rich, warm, and beautiful colors into your outfits.

This Fall 2020 Color Trend guide is here to help and inspire you as you dust off your fall clothes and begin picturing all of the different outfit combinations your closet has in store for you. Each color is styled with a pair of handmade Twyla Dill earrings, because I’m a big believer that just because the sun goes away doesn’t mean studs, dangles, and statement earrings have to! It’s time to play and brighten up your days with handcrafted jewelry that makes you feel confident and beautiful this fall!

The most colorful neutral you could ever ask for. Mustard yellow effortlessly adds a chic modern twist to any outfit you style it with. It’s a wonderful color that brightens up the room! Plus, you may already know this, but it’s my most favorite color that I love to wear whenever I have the chance. It goes with everything and makes you look and feel absolutely fabulous! It works as a main piece or as an accessory, like my Mini-Geo Hoops which can be worn comfortably as a smaller statement earring option when you need to layer up for those cold and crisp days. Click here to shop the Mini-Geo Hoops.


Easily the simplest color to match with everything in your closet. Slate. Just. Works. It’s a classic that will never go out of style, a color you count on for years and years to come. You can dress it up, dress it down, use it as a statement piece, and wear it as your trusty every-day accessory. The earring equivalent to the color slate are my Ember Studs. Talk about uncomplicated. And the combination of the two make for a perfect and simple fall staple piece. Click here to shop the Ember Studs


A color that can’t help but exude elegance and sophistication. Wine has a palette that is deep, rich, and warm which is exactly the combination you’ll need for the cold days ahead (you can thank me later). Best paired with an outfit that makes you feel nothing short of luxurious. And again, I wouldn’t pick colors that stopped at one outfit combination...wine is an excellent neutral that you can style with all of your fall favorites: boots, scarves, gloves, hats, overcoats, raincoats, snow coats, you name it! And what better earrings to showcase than the Rain Studs...you could say these were made for the Washington fall and winter. They’re a fabulous earring to wear in wine when you’re looking to add a lasting statement without overdoing it. Click here to shop the Rain Studs