How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

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How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

A person's hand with silver and gold rings on the ring finger

Have you ever wondered, “Can I wear silver and gold jewelry together?”

I hear so many people cite a general fashion rule that you should never mix metals when styling your jewelry, so if you’re wearing gold earrings, you should not pair them with a silver necklace. I’m not sure where this “rule” came from, but I’m here to tell you - there are no rules! 

Limiting yourself to just one metal is, frankly, kind of boring. It’s also too expensive (and wasteful) to collect all your favorite pieces in both silver and gold. 

So, I’m here with some tips for how to wear gold and silver jewelry together. And again I want to stress - there are no rules here! Wear what makes you feel happy and confident. That’s the most beautiful look out there.

1. Mix metals by layering the same type of piece.

This is probably my favorite way to mix metals. If you like stacking rings or layering necklaces, try putting a silver piece and a gold piece right next to each other. The direct combination of these metals emphasizes the different textures of each piece, like the Pathway Ring in Sterling Silver providing an interesting break between the two Chori Rings in 14kt Gold-Plated in this picture.

A hand wrapped around a bundle of eucalyptus wearing a ring stack on the middle finger and a large ring on the pointer finger

Here, the Ember Necklace in 14kt Gold-Plated and the Small Flame Necklace in Sterling Silver are paired together. I love that the warm Mustard lace and the bright Turquoise lace emphasize the contrast between the metals.

Close up view of someone's chest focusing on two layered necklaces

2. Mix metals across pieces.

This is a fun one that can be summed up by saying - wear your favorite pieces together without worrying about if they are silver or gold! Pair a gold necklace with silver earrings or mixed rings with a silver bracelet, like in this picture.

When mixing pieces in this way, try to think about balance. Are you going for an equal amount of silver and gold? Rather than wearing an equal number of pieces of both metals, step back and take a look at how the pieces balance visually. Silver is brighter and might have more visual presence than gold, meaning you might need less silver pieces to balance your gold pieces.

You can also create balance through an asymmetrical look, like wearing mostly silver and choosing a few pops of gold. Mix and match to see what you like. Remember, it might vary based on the outfit you’re wearing or mood you’re in.

A hand touching a group of flowers and wearing assorted Twyla Dill rings

3. Choose pieces that are mixed metal in nature. 

Some pieces are already mixed metal on their own, meaning they use both silver and gold in their design. I have a few pieces in my One-of-a-Kind Collection that play with this technique. I also think my 14kt Gold-Plated pieces with Slate Lace create a mixed-metal look.

The side profile of a person smiling and wearing a Twyla Dill Large Fleur Earring that is 14kt Gold-Plated and has Slate hand-crocheted lace

Close up side profile of a person, zoomed in on their ear, which is wearing a Twyla Dill Linnu Earring that is 14kt Gold-Plated and has Slate hand-crocheted lace

4. Choose a color to pull everything together.

Try mixing metals while choosing a consistent lace color to pull everything together! This creates the matched look that you might be craving if you’re just starting to experiment with mixing metals.

Close up image of someone's neck focusing on two layered necklaces

Friendly Reminders

Don’t forget to have fun with it! You should enjoy and feel confident in the pieces you’re choosing to wear. Jewelry is an investment, so you should try to wear it often! Putting rules on when you “should” wear something only limits this.

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