How To Stand Together, 6 Feet Apart. Introducing My New Collection #lockdownlove

There’s no doubt in my mind that we are all carrying a heavy load during these strange and isolating times. But even in times like these there are still moments of peace and happiness that we can find when we slow down and notice the beauty around us. 


That’s why I’ve created my new collection #lockdownlove. It’s inspired by the idea that even though we’re apart, we stand together. Do you have a friend who is social distancing alone? Or know a healthcare worker who is working around the clock and could really use a pick-me-up? This collection is meant to add little moments of light and joy to the lives of those that need it most (and of course your own!). It’s a great opportunity to send someone you love a memento saying that you’re thinking of them and that they’re not alone. I think we can all agree that everyone could use a little extra love right now. 

The #lockdownlove Collection:
I’m so so excited about the new collection and had a lot of fun making it this past week! You’ll notice it’s a little different from my usual work, instead of crocheted lace I’ve fused brass dots (that I absolutely love) onto the edge of sterling silver pieces. All of the metal in our handcrafted jewelry is nickel-free, so those with sensitive ears worry not!

The #lockdownlove is a small collection with pieces that are simple, sweet, lightweight, and oh so easy to wear everyday! I’ve designed a range of sizes, from the cutest littlest studs (with a matching necklace!) to a pair of statement earrings that are reminiscent of a cascading waterfall! To check out the new pieces for yourself, click here!

Giving Back to Covid-19 Relief:
I’m sure you already know this, but for the past few years Twyla Dill Designs has had a booth at Pike Place market selling handmade jewelry to people from all over the world. Pike Place is a truly beautiful, unique, and special community that I'm so grateful to be a part of. And it’s a community that like many others, needs our help right now. So to give back I’m donating 10% of the sales from the #lockdownlove collection to the Pike Place Foundation. Your orders will help support the food bank and the low income housing that is set up for seniors and the artists who work there. This is a vibrant community at the heart of Seattle and they do so much for artists and everyone in the greater area. If you would like to donate directly to the foundation, click here. 

Sharing the Lockdown Love:
I mentioned earlier how you may know a healthcare worker or someone else who could really use some love right now. Well, even if you don’t know them you can still share the love by paying it forward! If you would like to send someone an anonymous gift we will pair your gift up with a person that needs it most. In the checkout notes just write, “Please send as an anonymous gift to someone in need’. We will handle the rest! 

I have also priced all of the items on a sliding scale in an effort to make them more accessible. I understand that many people are facing new changes to their income. So please choose to pay what you are able to at this time.

As we navigate through this moment in history, please remember that you are not alone. We have our neighbors, we have our family, we have our friends, we have our community. Even though we can’t physically be there for each other, we are still here and we are still strong. Stay healthy and stay safe, and I look forward to making you a talisman of light and love during this lockdown.

If you would like to send a piece from #lockdownlove to a friend, as an anonymous gift, or to yourself, shop our new collection here.  

Shipping is on the house! All orders are packaged and shipped with gloves for your health and safety <3