Stone Feature: Sunstone, the Best Gemstone to Wear This Winter

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Stone Feature: Sunstone, the Best Gemstone to Wear This Winter-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

As we transition into this new season of frosty mornings and cold starry nights, what better stone to highlight than the sunstone? A gemstone you could almost say was made to keep your spirits warm.

I’ve really enjoyed the jewelry I’ve created using sunstone. I try to keep the design of each piece simple to draw focus to the warm sparkling shades of orange and red of the stone. You can click here to take a peek at some of my pieces with sunstone, my favorite are the One-of-a-Kind Cascade Statement Earrings.

Not too familiar with sunstone? Aside from being a stone version of the sun, the meaning behind it can set your heart ablaze with inner strength and joy (and who wouldn’t fall in love with that?).

Let Your Inner Sun Shine
In Washington sunset begins around 4pm and rises again close to 8am during the winter. The chance of having a beautiful sunny day to outweigh the grey overcast weather is slim (we’re really not kidding around when we say it’s raining and dark for most of the year). We find lots of ways to offset the weather to cheer up our moods. Some turn to exercise, others to happy-lights (if you don’t know what this is, good for you), everyone is recommended to take vitamin-d, and if you’re like me you add brighter and happier colors to your outfits and jewelry.

Enter sunstone. Just the name of it brings warmth to my soul. It’s amazing how adjusting small and simple things to your surroundings can really help brighten your mood. I find wearing “happier” and feel-good clothing that I’m absolutely comfortable in has me feeling better and dancing around the house. I always style my feel-good looks with a favorite and fabulous piece of jewelry, like this One-of-a-Kind Sunstone Denali Necklace. There’s something oh so wonderful about feeling happier just by putting on your favorite pieces of jewelry.

So this winter, if you’re feeling a little down or have those post-holiday blues, pair your most favorite sunstone jewelry pieces with your most favorite outfit and get your dancing shoes on! I’ll be dancing right along with you ❤️


All Twyla Dill jewelry is handmade in small batches at our Seattle studio. Stone and gemstone pieces are always sourced as sustainably and ethically when possible. We ship internationally!

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