Top 3 Summer Outfit Ideas To Make You Feel Even More Confident & Beautiful

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With spring almost over and summer just about here, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite summer outfit ideas with you! I put these outfits together with your closet in mind, maybe there’s a cute skirt you haven’t worn in years, or what about that old t-shirt you could repurpose by cutting it into a crop top? Maybe you’re looking for a total wardrobe makeover, in that case I’ve put together a list of clothing inspiration from brands that I love to wear! I tried to find companies that practice sustainability and slow fashion. I think it’s so important that we try our best to support businesses that are making eco-conscious and fashion friendly choices. So please have fun with putting together your own unique version of these outfit ideas with my Top 3 Summer Outfit Ideas To Make You Feel Even More Confident & Beautiful.


At Your Leisure

You’ll be feeling so comfy, so casual, and so chic in this look. This is a favorite of mine, you can find me dressed like this most days! Whether you’re working from home or running errands (while responsibly accessorizing with a face mask), this outfit will be your perfect go-to. For those summer mornings that are deceivingly cold, this is a great outfit that makes adding layers so easy (if I’m feeling a little chilly I’ll throw on a cute crop top sweatshirt). It’s even easier to style up when you add the Mini Geo Hoop Earrings, which always elevates the look from “work-out” to “leisure mod”. Plus it’s a great opportunity for you to play with colors! If you’re someone who doesn’t normally wear a lot of color, this is the look that will help you build that confidence up. Many companies offer leggings in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so have some fun and play around with it! Maybe pair some bright green leggings with a cute striped t-shirt? How about some magenta leggings with a baby blue sports bra? Feel even more empowered in your body and adorn yourself with self expression!



The Everyday Staple

You can probably agree with me that when it comes to summer we want to wear something light and cool, but also unique and cute. I don’t think there’s a better look than this when it comes to customizing an outfit to match your beautiful body and personality! You can wear any sort of sandal as a simple staple to each variation you try with this outfit. Maybe today you’re not feeling like wearing a floral pattern, so mix it up with a solid colored skirt and flowy tank top? Or if you’re feeling more adventurous try a striped skirt and a patterned cropped t-shirt, topped off with a bold one-of-a-kind statement necklace, like my Sun Ray Pendant that brings out even more of your unique personality! Dress this look up or dress it down, wear it to a nice picnic in your backyard or for a happy hour zoom call with your friends! Wherever and however you choose to wear it, this look will make you feel just like yourself, confident and gorgeous!


Feeling Fancy

Simple things can really make a big impact on our lives. Even something as simple as dressing up for a day or maybe just an evening. It’s doing these things that will help you get out of that rut or turn your mood around in a positive and confidence building way. Something I do that helps me feel more confident and beautiful is dressing up at home. Put on your favorite dress, sassy heels, maybe even a little lipstick and have yourself a wonderful night (or day) in! And now that summer is fast approaching, we have so many great options for dresses! So open up the windows, throw on your flowiest & most elegant dress (maybe even pop open a good bottle of wine), turn on your favorite music, and have a fun little at-home dance party! Accessorize your look with a cute scarf or bandana around your neck, or add some sass with the darling Suna Earrings! However you choose to wear this look, remember that it’s your time to celebrate yourself and all the greatness you bring to this world! <3





Item Brands:
• At Your Leisure:
Earrings: Twyla Dill Mini Geo Hoops in Turquoise 
Top: RicherPoorer Crop Tee
Bottoms: Girlfriend Collective Wildflower Leggings
Shoes: Allbirds Women's Tree Runners

• The Everyday Staple:
Necklace: Twyla Dill One-of-a-Kind Sun Ray Pendant
Top: Wild Harvest Studio Organic Cotton Hemp Tank
Skirt: Christy Dawn The James Skirt
Shoes: Sseko Caramel Crossover Sandal

• Feeling Fancy:
Earrings: Twyla Dill Sterling Silver Suna Earrings in Dusty Rose
Dress: Christy Dawn The Lottie Dress
Shoes: Everlane Block Heel Sandals
Bag: The Little Market Palm Strap Bag
Lipstick: Fat and the Moon Lip & Cheek Stain

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