The Beautiful Meanings Behind the Color Turquoise

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The Beautiful Meanings Behind the Color Turquoise
Turquoise Silver Jewelry, Geo Hoops and Baras Ring

Summer is coming to an end. If you are feeling busy and a little run-down, I’ve been there too. When I need a pick-me-up, I accessorize with turquoise - the perfect happy color!

This blue-green beauty is one of my favorites to work with, and you can find it as a color option in my core collection. I don’t think turquoise will ever go out of style, and there are good reasons for that. There are so many things to love about turquoise, so I put together a list of my favorite meanings behind the friendly color!

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Blend of Blue and Green 

Blue is a calming color, reminiscent of the ocean and clear morning skies. But turquoise is unique because it also includes hints of green. This color symbolizes growth, like the new blooms of the season. Blue and green are rich colors that we can find in so many places in nature, and summer gives us the perfect time to explore!

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Emotional Balance

Turquoise symbolizes emotional balance, which is something we’ve all been seeking in the past year. As things begin to open back up and you start to adventure again, choose turquoise accessories as a reminder to center yourself among all the fun you’re having. Remember to take care of your mental health so you feel as good as you look in your turquoise jewelry.

Droplet Earrings in Sterling Silver and Turquoise

Plays Nice With Others

Turquoise is a friendly, happy color. Its bright personality can add the perfect pop to so many summer outfits! With a handmade jewelry piece like the Small Flame Necklace or Droplet Earrings,
you can elevate a simple t-shirt, complete a beach look, or add a dainty detail to a summer wedding look.

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A Spiritual Guide

Turquoise is actually said to help us connect with our souls! I love that when I wear turquoise, I am reminded to look inward and open my heart to whatever I experience that day. Developing a stronger bond with your inner self will give you the confidence to say yes to new opportunities.


So let’s all take inspiration from turquoise this summer! It’s time to recenter ourselves and accept new challenges that come our way. Put on a piece of jewelry that makes you feel confident and embrace a new adventure today! We’re on this journey together. 💙💚

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