Twyla Dill Team Favorites: Get To Know Rachel!

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Twyla Dill Team Favorites: Get To Know Rachel!-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

The Twyla Dill team is small but oh so powerful! We're made up of three wonderful ladies all working together to bring you unique handmade jewelry. To help you get a little more familiar with our team I've put together this month's Staff Favorite, featuring my fabulous production assistant Rachel! 

How did you and Twyla meet/connect?
I used to work for Dana of Danaca Design ~ I was looking for work and Dana passed the information to me that Twyla was looking for production help. I met up with her at her basement studio ~ we live very close to each other! We started our interview with making some Geo Hoops. I was so thrilled to get to make things and it worked for Twyla and I've been grateful for her guidance as a manager, and for her friendship since!

What do you do for Twyla?
I hand forge the stock of metal parts that Twyla uses in her jewelry pieces. This means I do a lot of cutting, bending, hammering and polishing of metals according to Twyla's design specifications.

What are your favorite Twyla Dill pieces?

The Ember Ring
I love them because they offer a little pop of color and they are safe to wear when you wash your hands which is super important right now!  I've worn mine through all kinds of work, even gardening and they hold up to what your hands can do!

The Mini Geo Hoops
These are such fun fresh Hoops that aren't too heavy and perfectly sized to be an everyday option for casual hoop wearers.

The Maha Necklace
This baby is big and bold and makes a statement! I love the beading work in the metal and the combos of colors that we are able to make on this one offers anything from subtle and stately, all the way to an outright weekend beach party! Either way it's going to be a conversation starter!

What’s one thing you love to do outside of work?
I really love to knit and make fiber related art. This was also part of why Twyla and I got along I think. Currently I'm spinning some merino yarn on a drop spindle by hand. 

How do you style your pieces?
I'm a big fan of every day style ~ something small that works with whatever flavor of outfit the day calls for. I feel like small accents work best to dress up or down.

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