A new adventure can change the course of your life...

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A new adventure can change the course of your life...-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

Almost eight years ago I was nineteen and had just finished studying Arabic for a year and wanted an adventure. I grew up traveling with my dad took who us on many trips abroad, so traveling came pretty naturally.

In 2011 I set off to NYC, followed by London and Istanbul before the final leg of my journey to Beirut, Lebanon. I was going to continue studying Arabic in Beirut.

When I arrived in Istanbul to visit a dear friend of mine I fell in love with the city. It was vibrant and bustling, with delicious food, the warmest people and so much amazing art and craftsmanship. 

Within a week I’d decided to forgo my plane ticket to Beirut and stay in Istanbul. That meant finding a place to live, starting to learn a new language and settling into this new home.

Thus started a new chapter of my life that ultimately led to me being a jeweler, incorporating Turkish lace and metal. 

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