From Start to Finish: How Our Rings Are Made

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From Start to Finish: How Our Rings Are Made

Rings, adornment humans have been wearing for thousands of years to celebrate and honor love, life, death, and everything in between. Jewelry is a powerful form of self expression, and I'm grateful I get to be a part of yours in one small way, which is why I wanted to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at my ring making process. 

1. Designing Your Ring
It all starts here. Every artist has their own method of getting their ideas onto paper. For me, I start by thinking about what inspires me and which colors, styles, or textures will work best to represent the collection or specific piece I have in mind. Once I have a rough idea in my head I'll start sketching it onto paper until I have a drawing I'm happy with and from there can begin building out the piece.

To design your own custom ring, click here.

2. Casting 
One the design is finalized we hand fabricate and cast all of the rings in either solid sterling silver or nickel-free brass. The silver rings get a nice polish and the brass rings go out for gold-plating.

3. Plating 
We plate our brass rings with extra thick 14kt gold so you can wear them all the time without worrying about the gold rubbing off.

4. Adding the Lace Details 
Once the rings are back from being plated, each ring gets lace meticulously hand-crocheted onto the metal in different colors (depending on the collection, season, or color I'm in love with at the moment!).

5. Applying the Resin 
As soon as the crochet is finished, we hand dip the lace on each ring into a clear resin to protect it. After a few days of drying time, we do a second dip of resin and trim the remaining thread off of the ring. We apply two layers of resin to make sure your ring is protected so you can wear it every day worry-free.

6. Finishing Touches 
Now here's the fun part: after the resin is finished and completely dry we try on each ring to test for comfort, if sizing adjustments need to be made, and to make sure it looks as fabulous as possible. Once we give it the Twyla Dill stamp of approval your ring is ready to wear! 

It's a true honor to create jewelry that you choose to wear to express yourself with. I love wearing rings, and the pieces I wear are all daily reminders of who I am. How do rings make you feel empowered?

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