How to Style Your Handmade Stud Earrings Three Different Ways For Fall

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It’s true. Fall has arrived here in Seattle. Your dreams of butternut squash stews and endless mugs of hot apple cider can officially come true. Say goodbye to those misleading days where you dressed for the cold mornings but were left shedding your layers from the hot afternoon September sun. All of those autumn outfits you’ve had planned in your head for the last few months can finally make their seasonal debut!

As we welcome back Autumn and dust off our fall wardrobe, we can’t forget that with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of jewelry styles. Swapping your big summer statement earrings with small studs can be a hard transition. Which is why I’ve put together this fashion guide that shows you how to style your handmade Twyla Dill studs three different ways for fall.

I’ve picked the Rain Stud earrings to style because they’re the most appropriate (and one of my most popular) earrings for our notoriously rainy Seattle weather. They’re easy everyday earrings to wear and style with scarves, big coats, and something we’re all still getting used to, masks. Plus the way they show off the lace is just, well, perfect! They’re a stud but act as a small statement earring. Click here to shop the Rain Studs! So enjoy these three outfits I’ve put together that show off just how versatile the Rain Studs are and how they can effortlessly elevate any of your autumn outfits!

1. Autumn Staples

2. Cozy & Chic

3. Fabulously Fall

With a little inspiration it's easy to make endless outfit combinations! I hope you enjoyed these autumn outfits and accessories as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you. It really helped me get into the spirit of fall! I always say this about each style of my jewelry, but the Rain Studs are one of my favorites! So simple and so easy to wear with almost anything, your perfect companion for all of your fall adventures 🍁 

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All Twyla Dill jewelry is handmade at our Seattle studio. 


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