Inside the Twyla Dill Studio

modern lace jewelry twyla dill studio handmade seattle

Have you ever wondered how your favorite modern lace jewelry is made?

Step into my studio and I'll show you the process!

It all starts with an idea. Sketching out my design helps me to make sure the dimensions are not only beautiful and elegant, but wearable. 

My inspiration comes from many things: travel and other cultures, nature in leaves and the beautiful colors of flowers, ancient adornment, and textile techniques. 

After drawing a design on paper I sit down at my bench to make prototypes in metal or wax. Using cutters, files, hammers and my torch to bend and form contemporary shapes that will elevate the lace after it is crocheted onto the piece. 


studio twyla dill modern lace jewelry

My one-of-a-kind pieces and collection pieces all start out the same, as an idea to be played with until it feels right. 

When making new collection pieces I finalize the design before training my production assistant to make the metal shapes. 

But, my one-of-a-kind pieces are my favorite to make! With these pieces I get to create stunning pieces that might be designed around a special stone or a hand dyed lace color that speaks to me that day. 

After fabrication comes tumbling and polishing to get the metal shiny and ready for lace. This is usually a three step process with hand finishing and grinding, hours in a rough tumbler to smooth everything out and then more time in the smooth tumbler to bring the metal to a nice shine. 

Next up - lace crochet! This is my favorite part, adding the finishing touches that make the piece special. 

With my tiny hook I crochet my signature cotton thread directly onto it's metal form in different patterns, getting into a state of flow with the lace. 

 contemporary lace jewelry twyla dill handmade seattle

modern lace jewelry twyla dill handmade seattle studio

Each piece is hand glued so it can be worn without worry of getting wet in the rain. 

My hand-dyed pieces are always crocheted first, before I paint them with my three-step dye process to get the signature variegation you've come to love! 

All Twyla Dill contemporary lace jewelry is made in my Seattle studio with the help of my assistant Rachel; by our hands, for you!

We are committed to making jewelry for the modern woman who is empowered and confident in her life. 

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