Introducing My New VIP Spotlight! Featuring: Super Mom Desiree!

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Introducing My New VIP Spotlight! Featuring: Super Mom Desiree!-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

Welcome to the VIP Spotlight where I'll be shining the light on what makes Twyla Dill jewelry so special, you! Each month I'll be sharing the story of someone who's expressing their own unique style and living life on their own terms! 

This week I talked with super mom Desiree Martinez about her jewelry journey and what makes her feel most beautiful! 

• What's your job or side hustle?
I'm a manager at an entirely organic gluten free french bakery. I manage our farmers markets and I absolutely love what I do. I'm also a single mom of three, my life time job haha.

• How would you describe your everyday style?
Playful, boho, casual!

Pictured: Desiree beautifully wearing the Turkish Chalcedony Cascade Necklace in Sea Foam from the May’s One-of-a-Kind release! Click here to shop all One-of-a-Kind pieces!

• What outfit makes you feel the most confident & beautiful in?
A cute romper with my favorite sandals and my jewelry of course!

• What was the first piece of jewelry in your life that you remember owning?
A gold ring with an opal stone my mom bought me when I turned 15. I still wear it every day!

• How did you an Twyla meet?
I met Twyla at an Urban Craft Uprising First Thursday event in Seattle!

Pictured: Desiree rocking those bold colors! She's wearing a One-of-a-Kind Hand Dyed Maha Necklace Click here to shop Hand Dyed Maha Necklaces!

• How do you style your favorite Twyla Dill pieces?
My new favorite way to style my jewelry is to match it with my face mask since I have to be out wearing on so often. I always feel a little more put together when I have one of my pieces on. They're the perfect pop of color and beauty. They're unique and eye catching and so fun to wear.

• What accessory do you use everyday and can't live without?
My rings are some of the jewelry I never take off but I always try to get a cute necklace on!

Thanks so much Desiree for being my first ever VIP Spotlight feature! <3

If you would like to be featured on the VIP Spotlight click here to get in touch! I'm so excited to connect with you and see how you're living life on your own terms!

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