Top 10 Flowers You Can Plant for Bees This Spring!

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Top 10 Flowers You Can Plant for Bees This Spring!-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

Spring is in full bloom and I’m so here for it. This time of year in the Pacific Northwest is nothing short of gorgeous. The weather feels “just right”, it’s staying lighter out longer, and everything looks so lush and green! Hopefully you’re able to enjoy this spring from your home, and enjoy it even more if you have your own garden to tend to! I’ve been having a lot of fun wearing my Fleur Hoops while I take breaks from making your jewelry and strolling through the flower beds in our yard. They make a cute bouquet-making companion! I find it’s so good for your soul to spend time outside, especially when it’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny out, like it’s supposed to be this coming weekend in Seattle! 

If you’re new to gardening or have been using your green thumb for years, I’ve put together something really fun for you! As I’m sure you know, our bees need help right now. One way we can help them (from the safety and comfort of our homes) is by planting pollinators! I’ve made a list of PNW friendly pollinating flowers and plants that bees love love love. You may even already have some of these in your yard, lucky you! So if you’re looking for a fun weekend project and an excuse to get outside and enjoy the sun, check out my Top 10 Flowers You Can Plant for Bees this Spring.

1  |  Calendula 
A beautiful and radiant flower, Calendula not only makes a gorgeous colorful bouquet but it’s also a tasty & medicinal treat. My assistant Laurel’s mom makes a really wonderful lotion out of it! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Calendulas! 

2  |  California Poppy
Some call these  a “cup of gold”, and I think you can see why. With such juicy orange petals these would be hard to ignore if you were a bee. Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow California Poppies!

3  |  Dandelions
Yup! I said it. Dandelions. The “weed” that everyone tries so hard to keep out of their yard is actually a flower you should keep around. Dandelions are one of the first flowers that bees can snack on. So maybe the next time you’re pulling weeds you’ll leave a few for your bee friends!

4  |  Echinacea
Echinacea is one of my fav go-to homeopathic medicines whenever I’m feeling a little sick. You can use the flower, leaves, and root from many of the varieties of Echinacea to make your own medicinal recipes! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Echinacea!

5  |  Lavender
A PNW staple. I don’t think you can walk more than two houses down without spotting lavender in someone’s yard. The dreamiest scent paired with the most beautiful purple has to make it hard for a bee to resist a little taste! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Lavender! 

6  |  Lemon Balm 
If you love the smell of lemons but find it difficult to actually grow a lemon tree in the PNW, lemon balm is your new best friend! Not only does it smell amazing, but you can make a yummy tea out of the leaves! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Lemon Balm!

7  |  Rosemary
A delicious herb (dried or fresh!)  to add to any savory dish plus a gorgeous white, pink, or purple-y blue flower that blooms once a year. Bees love rosemary as much as I do! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Rosemary!

8  |  Sage
Having a sage plant is like having your own mediation station. The sweet soft fragrance of sage accompanied with it’s little bluish purple flowers are a perfect combination. Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Sage!

9  |  Strawberries
You know it’s spring when you see the cute white flowers from strawberries in bloom! The flowers make it worth the wait for the yummy summertime treat. Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow Strawberries!

10  |  Sunflower
I bet this is the first flower you think of when you think of summer. Sunflowers come in all shapes and sizes, but all share one thing in common...being a tasty little snack for bees! Click here to find seeds and info on how to grow sunflowers!

And for something a little more fun...color coordinate with your new pollinating flower babes with any of my Fleur pieces! These are some of my most popular handmade earrings, and are so perfect to wear during spring and summer. They’re lightweight and go great with every outfit. So while you’re picking a bouquet to give to your sweetie or your neighbor (at a safe distance of course), wear my Fleur collection to add that extra pop of color to your day. 


Need a little extra help and information about how to start your own pollinating garden? Here are a few of my favorite gardening resources:

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