My Trip to India and How It Inspires Me

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My Trip to India and How It Inspires Me

Traveling is an inspiration and a joy for me! In 2015, I visited India, which was a place I’d always wanted to visit. My sister was the perfect companion for the trip.

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We started in Goa, a tourist destination with amazing seafood. The sounds and smells of India struck us in a way that was both overwhelming and good. It transported us from our comfort of home and encouraged us to seek adventure.

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Whenever I travel, the urge to roam hits me, so we boarded an overnight train to Ahmedabad and settled into uncomfortable shared open bunks for the ride. It was sweaty and hot and we didn't understand anyone but they were friendly and smiled at the blonde tourists who obviously didn't belong. I love being with the locals instead of separating myself in first class train cars or fancy hotels, so that's what we did.

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We got chai from a man who wandered on the train when it stopped and snacked on spiced nuts from a street vendor.

In Ahmedabad we found a place to look at traditional embroidered blankets in a small shop. The handwork and craftsmanship around the world is so amazing to me. As an artist, I find inspiration in the colors of a piece of clothing or the textures in a blanket. 

Three women smiling in front of shelves of fabric

Then, we continued on to Udaipur, a smaller city, streets curving and twisting, women going about their days in colorful Saris of silk.

In Udaipur we went from shop to shop, finding vintage jewelry and always offered a seat and Chai. I brought home beautiful gold pieces, with dots and textures that inspire me to this day. 

We ventured out into a village, packed into someone's van, the locals crammed in next to us. We were on a hunt to find traditional terracotta chai cups. Used before plastic as single use cups at chai stands, made of delicate wood fired clay to be broken and put back into the earth after use. We found them finally and fell in love with the simple and elegant shape. An everyday object elevated to art, so much beauty in their simplicity. We came home with 800 chai cups, carrying them in suitcases for the rest of the trip. Two sisters, endlessly obsessed with handmade objects.

Two women smiling and holding small tea cups

My trip to India was such an inspiration, filling my imagination with colors, textures and shapes. When I came home, I designed the India collection in one day, the pieces flowing from my fingers. Some of these pieces are still fan favorites almost five years later. I hope to go back someday soon!

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