One Piece, Three Ways: Featuring The Gezi Hoops with Aventurine + Silver

These one-of-a-kind Gezi Hoops feature beautiful blue-green aventurine paired with sterling silver and deep purple lace. They’re the earrings you put on when you’re looking to complement but not take away from your own personal style. Your sidekicks to a romantic summer night dinner date, or your go-tos when you have back-to-back zoom meetings all day.

I’ve put together three outfit ideas perfect for your wardrobe that the Gezi Hoops go seamlessly with. So when you’re trying to pick between your red or brown sandals, you’ll know that the Gezi Hoops will be right by your side to embrace and enhance whatever unique look you pick!

Easy Breezy

Not only will you feel confident in this look, you'll also feel cool and comfortable. A great outfit you can switch up easily with any long dress and sandal combination, and you can count on the Gezi Hoops to always perfectly top it off!



Whether you're on a walk around the neighborhood or a walk on the beach (safely social distancing of course), this look has got your back. It's a perfect neutral outfit for all summer occasions, and the Gezi Hoops will give you that extra bit of elegance!

Comfy See Comfy Do

Get ready to lounge in the most chic way possible, thanks to the Gezi Hoops! From the flowy pants to the slip on sandals, this outfit will make it easier for you to take that time for yourself that you've been putting off. So go head, catch up on that book you've had on your night stand, you deserve some "you" time. 

Click here to learn more about The Gezi Hoops and my other one-of-a-kind jewelry!

So as your summer continues and you find your outfit and jewelry ideas are running low, I've got you covered! Twyla Dill jewelry is versatile, timeless, and will always help you feel even more confident in whatever look you put together!