Twyla Dill Team Favorites, Featuring Laurel!

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Twyla Dill Team Favorites, Featuring Laurel!-Seattle Jewelry-Handmade Jewelry-Seattle Jeweler-Twyla Dill

I'm so excited to share with you my new Team Favorites where I get to shine the spotlight on who makes up the Twyla Dill team! We're a small group of ladies all working together to create, manage, and craft your handmade jewelry. & first up is...

How did you & Twyla meet?
I was a customer first, then I needed a fun job last summer. I reached out to Twyla on Instagram then we set up a meeting and shortly after that started selling her work at Pike place! I would take pictures of her jewelry at the market (mainly me wearing some of my favorite pieces, like the super cute mustard yellow Geo Hoops), and we both realized we could turn that into something bigger. Now I’m the Twyla Dill Brand Manager and am absolutely loving every minute of it! 

What do you do for Twyla?
What I do for Twyla varies. I could be creating graphics for newsletters one minute then going over marketing and sales analytics the next. Last year at my previous graphic design job I thought about what it was I wanted in the next phase of my career. I knew I needed three things: 1.) To work in a different industry (no joke, like at a market)  2.) To work for a local woman owned business 3.) To work from home some days of the week so I could spend time at my parent’s. This past year all three of those things happened! I’m so happy that Twyla and my paths have crossed, it’s been a wonderful time learning to work together. 

What’s one thing you love to do outside of work?
Outside of my job I do a lot of gardening, either at my house or at my parent’s house. Green thumbs are in my family, especially on my dad’s side. My grandma was a certified Master Gardener and my dad will be too (he is, just not “certified” yet). Gardening is more than growing food for me, it’s a connection to my family and to the land. I always feel that my grandma is around me when I pick the first blooms of spring or first crops of summer. 

What are your three favorite Twyla Dill pieces?
People at the market would always ask what my favorite piece was, and hands down it’s the Geo Hoops, especially in mustard yellow. I love wearing huge handmade earrings and these are the biggest and best statement earrings I own. Out of all my jewelry, I’d say I wear my Geo Hoops most often, usually styling them with some high-waisted leggings and a cute crop top. And for when I wanna layer my earrings I wear my Mini-Eye earrings, which go sooo well with the Geo Hoops.


I absolutely adore Twyla’s sterling silver Eye Ring. It’s the only other ring I’ll wear since I don’t typically wear a lot of accessories. It’s simple enough to compliment the one ring I do wear everyday, which was handmade by my grandpa back in the 70s! A favorite story about the Eye Ring is while I was wearing it while working at the market, a girl came up who had the same eye design tattooed on the same finger on the same hand I was wearing my ring on! 


And the piece that started it all, the Fleur Hoops. Like I mentioned earlier I used to be a customer for Twyla before I started working for her. About four years ago I found her booth at this market by my old work and fell in love with her Fleur Hoops! The detail on the floral lace pattern is so beautiful, and the colors she uses are what I like most, vibrant and bold. I started following her on Instagram after that and started my own little Twyla Dill collection <3

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