Three Chic & Cozy Outfit Ideas To Help You Beat the Seattle Freeze


Whether you live in Seattle or have just passed through, one thing I'm sure you've heard about is the infamous 'Seattle Freeze'. If you're thinking "Twyla, what on earth are you talking about", the 'Seattle Freeze' is a term coined for how (seemingly) anti-social people that live here are. A lot of new people who move to the city claim that the locals give them the cold shoulder for no good reason at all! But, to give the 'Seattle Freeze' some credit...during the winter the streets in downtown turn into tunnels of freezing cold wind and rain. So it's really just too cold to have a conversation with someone on the street!

To help you melt the 'Seattle Freeze' I've put together three fire outfits that'll heat you right up this winter! Each look is styled with pieces from local boutiques and artists so you can shop small and support Seattle's small businesses.


Sweater Weather
The most perfect go-to outfit for those lovely social-distanced neighborhood walks with your bestie, catching up in that classic cold and crisp Seattle air.
 Comfy Cozy
For those days when all you want to do is stay inside, curled up in bed, with your favorite tea and Netflix show. But in style, of course.
  Chique Boutique
Did you know most boutiques are open in Seattle? Many offer in-person appointment-only shopping, and almost all have online stores to shop from! Don't forget to support your local makers this holiday season and throughout winter ❤️
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