What Colors to Wear This Fall

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What Colors to Wear This Fall

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Fall is right around the corner, so I’ve started to think about my fall wardrobe. I love the warm colors that come along with the chillier days of autumn. It’s been said that wearing warm colors can stimulate your mind and give you energy, which is perfect for when the days get shorter! Two of my classic lace colors - Wine and Mustard - are great warm accents to add to your fall outfits. This season, try some ideas from my list below to experiment with these fall colors.

Wear Mustard and Wine to Contrast Each Other. 

Woman wearing two necklaces layered Wednesday, September 22, 2021 is the first day of fall, also known as the Autumn Equinox! An Equinox only occurs twice a year, and it means our hours of daylight and nighttime will be the same. The word equinox literally means “Equal Night.” This equilibrium reminds us of the balance between light and dark in our lives, especially as we enter a season of transition.

By wearing mustard with wine, we can emulate this contrast and remind ourselves that balance is important and necessary. Check out this One-Of-A-Kind necklace that pairs these colors beautifully.

Wear Just Mustard. 

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Yellow is a happy color! Mustard is a beautiful neutral version of yellow, and I love accessorizing with it. In the fall, mustard makes me think of butternut squash and sunflowers. It also helps me stay positive and energetic when the days get short and it feels so dark and cold! 
Because yellow makes us happy, it is also said to be the color of spontaneity and creativity. If you need a little boost to make and embrace fall plans or try something new this season, I recommend wearing mustard! 

Pair mustard and wine with orange.

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Analogous colors are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel and make an instant color scheme. By pairing wine and mustard with orange tones, you can easily create a great fall outfit! Analogous color schemes are visually appealing and calming. When you’re cozying up inside with a warm fall drink, use these analogous colors to feel more serene and comfortable! Try pairing mustard and wine accessories with an orange sweater or wear a pattern that includes all three colors. 

Wear Just Wine.

Pair of rain drop shaped metal earrings with wine colored hand crocheted lace along the bottom edge laying on a bed of white flower petals

Red is usually thought of as the color of confidence, so it’s no surprise that wine symbolizes individuality and power. The color wine makes me feel warm just thinking about it! In the fall, wine reminds me of ripe apples and spiced cider. It’s also a great fall lipstick color. 

When you start to feel some winter blues creep up like they often start to do in the fall, try wearing something wine-colored! Here are some great fall outfit ideas that all incorporate my Rain Studs in Wine


Quick Tip: Wearing Earrings with Scarves (and masks!)

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As you start to wear thick coats and warm scarves, bigger earrings become a bit trickier to wear. If you’re looking for smaller earrings that still make a statement and add color to your look, I have some great stud options in my Elevated Classics and India Collections. 

And don’t miss my list of mask-friendly earrings.


If you gravitate toward neutral clothing and don’t have much color in your wardrobe, try accessorizing with color! Shop wine and mustard styles now. Plus- wine and mustard both make great fall nail colors!

Collage of metal and hand-crocheted earrings and necklaces
Collage of metal and hand-crocheted earrings and necklaces
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