My Trip to India and How It Inspires Me
Traveling is an inspiration and a joy for me! In 2015, I visited India, which was a place I’d always wanted to visit. My sister was the perfect companion for the trip. We started in Goa, a tourist destination with...
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What Colors to Wear This Fall
Fall is right around the corner, so I’ve started to think about my fall wardrobe. I love the warm colors that come along with the chillier days of autumn. It’s been said that wearing warm colors can stimulate your mind and...
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Twyla Dill Featured in INSTORE Magazine
Twyla Dill was featured in the July 2021 edition of INSTORE Magazine! INSTORE is also called the "Magazine for the American Jewelry Store Owner" because it provides resources and actionable tips to jewelry stores for them to improve and grow. Each...
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